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Two Goats’ old website was built wasn’t thoughtfully designed and it didn’t effectively implement their existing brand. They also maintained an online store through it but managing the store was incredibly confusing and tedious. They were also maintaining the live music calendar on Facebook and the website separately.


I rebuilt the site to be easier to navigate and maintain. This involved a more careful audit and application of the brand as well as designing user flows to plan how users would navigate the site more easily. A major upgrade was building an ecommerce solution that was much easier to maintain and automated some of the mundane tasks of running such a store. I was also able to link the Facebook music calendar to the site so events only needed to be updated in one place.


The new site has allowed the owner to reduce their time spent managing the site, updating the calendar, and preparing online orders for shipment. It also made the most critical information for visitors—address, contact info, menu, etc.—much easier to locate.