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Project 2Gen is a research group at Cornell University working to understand what encourages family wellbeing and how to use research, policy, and education to promote wellbeing. Their work requires connecting with researchers, policy makers, organizational partners, parents, and community members around the country and world. However, their only online presence was through a secondary page of the Cornell Unicersity website. They therefore had little ability to control, update, or actually use this page to support their communications. They needed a new website built to support, document, and share their work.


After auditing the existing website and talking to people across the organization I was able to identify the various concerns and needs of Project 2Gen. I then developed a sitemap that would provide for all these needs. The website was then developed and content added to build out a robust and highly functional platform. The primary goal was to be very careful about providing clear paths for different audiences to navigate the huge amount of content based on their specific needs and interests.


Through building the site, I ended up developing and solidifying brand elements and a design language to apply to future work. Since then, I’ve done an annual report and other print handouts related to a program focused on researching Opioid Addiction.