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A white man plays trombone in a hot dog costume on stage with colorful lights in the background.

Design is at its heart, problem solving. As a designer and business owner I know that problem solving requires curiosity, flexibility, and collaboration. These are the pillars of my approach to design and they enable me to discover and create the creative solutions my clients need.

My career was born from curiosity. I taught myself to design posters, build websites, and edit videos to help my bands fellow musicians market themselves. After discovering a passion for design, I started Check One Two.

Understanding each client’s unique situation is critical in defining and resolving their most pressing business challenges. My flexibility has allowed me to work with multi-million-dollar nonprofits, sustainable tech startups, physical therapists, and youth music festivals alike. Adapting to my clients’ needs forces me to be a consultant, strategist, art director, and copywriter.

Matt is responsive and creative; he listened to the scattered thoughts we had about presenting our work and transformed them into a beautiful report. We are so pleased with the result and look forward to working with Check One Two again in the future!

Francesca V.

What surprised me most was how quickly you picked up on some of the finer points of the technology. I think because you understood the technology AND what we wanted, you were able to deliver quality work for us. Thanks!

Mitchell I.

My goal was to reduce clutter and make the website more visually appealing while also improving site functionality. Matt Lowe delivered an excellent product. I will definitely be coming back to Check One Two for more graphic design and web services when I need them again.

Matt G.

I came to Check One Two with two versions of my idea. One I thought was realistic, and the other I figured would take a large team and budget. Matt immediately focused on version two, and while consulting with me along the way, he made it happen for an incredible price. There is no question I’ll be coming back to Check One Two for any future design needs.

Miles A.

Matt's creativity, responsiveness, intelligent attention to detail and super-efficient turnaround time are key to excellent work!

Kiko N.

Being able to turn all of this over to Matt freed me up and took the stress out of the process. He created an ad that was perfect for me and my business. He chose colors that I would’ve never thought of that completely knocked it out of the park. I was so impressed!

Judy H.

I trust Matt completely and feel confident to leave my project in his capable hands. Knowing that I have an extremely professional, competent, and experienced resource available to me in Check-One-Two is a comfort. Thank you Matt!

Frank C.