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Bet Shalom’s previous website was extremely outdated. They had spent thousands to get their last website developed and had received a terrible product that not only looked unpolished and inaccessible, but was also very difficult to update and maintain. As such they were in dire need of a new site but were also trepidatious going into the project.


I made sure to develop a clear outline of my process for designing and building the site. This involved meeting with all the stakeholders and people who would end up touching the site going forward. With all the information I gathered about people’s needs and technical comfort, I starting designing a site that would be easy for both users and admins to interact with. Moving methodically through the design process helped reassure my contacts at Bet Shalom throughout.


The website now serves as a comprehensive resource for members of the congregation to learn about programming, register for events, receive news and updates, and contact employees of the synagogue. I created training videos to help get current and future employees up to speed on their various specific responsibilities regarding ongoing use and maintenance of the site.