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Data Visualization

Project Management


One of Dimensional Energy’s greatest challenges is communicating how their sustainable fuel technology works to audiences with very different levels of knowledge, interest, and information needs. Engineers and technicians want the details while investors and policymakers just need the basics. Some people are interested in the financial implications while others are keenly interested in the environmental benefits. As such, Dimensional Energy is in constant need of marketing and communications materials that are designed to speak to these various audiences.


I worked with Dimensional Energy for seven years through multiple iterations of their brand system, website, and other marketing needs. I helped guide their most recent rebrand and site build in partnership with Zeus Jones. Together we built a brand designed for flexibility and storytelling, including an aesthetic that mixes the human and scientific elements of their work, a highly adaptable icon set, and an inviting color palette. This was then implemented on the website, which was started by Zeus Jones and finished by the internal team and myself. Recent opportunities for investment funding has demanded a great variety of presentations, information sheets, conference signage, and more.


Over the years, my work with Dimensional Energy has helped secure financial backing from dozens of investors including the Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, United Airlines, Shell, and many more. The work of the marketing and communications team has also led to press coverage from NPR, Forbes, Bloomberg, Fast Company, and the New York Times.