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Inspiration Corporation has been providing services to the unhoused and unemployhed in Chicago for a long time. As the organization has grown it’s various pillars of work have ended up siloed and separated. This was cemented by having entirely different brands for each program. I was approached to create a brand that unified the programming and offered the flexibility required by an organization as far-reaching as Inspiration Corporation.


The new logo and brand system is designed to capture a more human feel than the sterile, corporate feel of the original brand. This is done using organic shapes in the logo, a gathering of people implied by the logo, a wide range of colors, and a matching set of icons. The brand guide also lays out detailed information about how to write about, photograph, and design for the organization.


The brand system has been applied to the website and various marketing materials. Unifying the brand across programs has led to greater transparency among clients, donors, and press about the relationship between each of the programs.